Three ways to experience Dominica’s Hot Springs for Free

Natural Hot Springs at Rodney's Retreat and Wellness Center in Dominica

After a long day of trekking through tropical rainforest, Dominica’s Hot Springs provide the perfect post-hike relaxation.

The many hot springs are the result of the island’s volcanic geology. Volcanism is responsible for many of Dominica’s natural attractions; steep mountain slopes that make challenging hiking trails, unique beaches like Champagne Beach and Bubble Beach, and the famous Boiling Lake.

Most of these hot springs are located in and around Wotten Waven, a hilly village to the south of the island where the roads are littered with signs advertising the various hot water spas.

These spas all make use of the Nature Island’s naturally heated sulfhur springs.

Some of the more popular spas, like Screws Spa and Tia’s Spa actually feature a series of artificial pools with different temperatures and depths.

Others like Ti Kwen Glo Cho features a botanical garden, and a system of pipes that channels the spring water into a series of rustic outdoor bathtubs.

Ti Kwen Glo Cho Hot Springs in Dominica

If you want to avoid the “Caribbean kitsch” vibes of Wotten Waven, save some money and also truly understand why Dominica is known as “The Nature Isle”, then you need to check out these tips on three ways to Experience Dominica’s Hot Springs for Free.

1- At the base of Trafalgar Falls

At the base on the Trafalgar Waterfall is a stream of steaming hot sulfuric water.

You can relax in a warm, gently flowing sulfuric stream while also enjoying the view of the majestic waterfall and listening to its distant rumble.

If the water is too hot and you need to cool down, it’s just a short trek to the waterfall where you can soak yourself in the refreshingly cool plunge pool.

2 – Rodney’s Retreat and Wellness Center

Rodney’s Wellness Retreat is an eco-resort in Soufriere that offers a range of accommodations from campgrounds to cabins.

Visit their restaurant for breakfast or dinner, and then take a short hike to their secluded natural hot tub.

This hot spring is only about fifteen minutes away and it’s surrounded by lush forest.

The only sounds to be heard are the swaying of the trees and the occasional bird.
Relaxing in this hot pool at Rodney’s Retreat is pure bliss.

Natural Hot Springs at Rodney's Retreat and Wellness Center in Dominica

3 – Bubble Beach Spa

Soufriere literally translates to “sulphur in the air”, and on many nights the entire village is dominated by the compound’s unique scent.

There’s a spot in Soufriere Bay where the geothermic activity of the island makes the water near the shore pleasantly warm and sometimes downright hot!

The Bubble Beach Spa is free to the public, although a small donation would be appreciated since a small group of locals volunteer their time to taking care of Bubble Beach.

Bubble Beach offers an expansive ocean view and it’s the perfect place to relax with a cold beer at any time of the day. If it’s too hot, move into the deep where the cool Caribbean Sea seeps through the rock wall.; If it’s too cold move into the shallow where naturally hot igneous rocks keep you warm.

There you have it, three free ways to experience Dominica’s Hot Springs.
Other than being free, all of these places have the added bonus of allowing you to truly be one with nature while you’re on the Nature Isle.

It’s better to be basking in a sulfuric spring where you could admire a view of Scott’s Head or Trafalgar Falls instead of looking at a wall.

It’s also better to be soaking in solitude listening to the rustling of rain forest trees instead of the chatter of tourists fresh off a cruise ship in an artificial pool.

Screw's Spa in Dominica

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