The Five Best Things about the VIP Lolla lounge

Lollapalooza VIP Lolla Lounge cocktails and alcohol

Lollapalooza is one of the largest and most successful Music Festivals in North America.

Just like Bonnarroo, and Coachella it’s a bucket-list festival. Every music festival junkie wants to attend Lollapalooza at least once.

That means that Lollapalooza tickets often sell out within an hour!

If you don’t manage to buy Lollapalooza General Tickets a few minutes after they go on sale, you have two choices on attending Lollapalooza;

Either you buy tickets on a ticket resale site like StubHub, or you purchase Lollapalooza VIP Tickets.

A Lollapalooza VIP ticket costs more than five times the cost of a regular ticket, whether they’re worth it or not is a matter of debate and personal choice.

Check out my earlier article on whether Lollapalooza VIP tickets are worth it for more on that.

There are many benefits of a Lollapalooza VIP Ticket, but also a few downsides.

Here are the Five Best Things about the Lollapalooza VIP Lolla Lounge as well as the Five worst things;


vip lolla lounge view

1 – The view from the Lolla Lounge

Relaxing on a deck chair at the Lolla Lounge gives you an amazing view of four stages including the Bud Light stage and the Samsung stage, the two main stages.

You could lay back with a Lolla Lemonade in the shade and enjoy perfect acoustics from all of the headline acts.

lollapalooza vip lolla lounge view circa waves

2 – The VIP Food Choices

The catered food selection includes smidgens of classic American fare in bite-sized portions.

The food choices change daily so that everyday can be a new culinary experience.

The small sizes are perfect since you don’t get stuffed too quickly. You have a fair chance to try out everything on the menu at least once.

lollapalooza vip lolla lounge italian deep dish pizza

3 – The Premium Cocktail Selection

Even more diverse than the food selections were the available choices of premium libations.
There were your basics like Jack and Colas and Cuba Libres, and then there are the more complex like the Peppered Peach Tea Collins and a Tequila Sunrise garnished with black salt.

vip lolla lounge maestro dobel tequila sunrise

4 – Golf Cart Shuttles

Lollapalooza stretches across the entire length of Grant Park, and Grant Park is almost an entire mile long!

Golf Cart shuttles do more than just save you time; They give a break to your already tired feet.
Being able to cross the park in three minutes is the only surefire way to not be affected by clashes at Lollapalooza.

lollapalooza vip lolla lounge golf cart shuttle transport

5 – Free Stuff

There are giveaways everywhere in Lollapalooza, but in the VIP Lolla Lounge they’re practically thrown at you.

I left Lolla with a week’s supply of Vita Coco Cononut Water, a Maestro Dobel bag, some Jack Daniels bar accessories, and much more.

jack daniels old no 7 cups

There are many more great things about the VIP Lolla Lounge, but these are the top five things.

Just for comparison, here are the worst Five things about the Lolla Lounge:

1 – It’s still hard to get to the front

Even with a VIP ticket, you still have to weave through the crowd or camp out near the stage like everyone else.
The only way to definitely get close to the band is with a Platinum ticket, and those make VIP tickets look cheap.

lollapalooza crowd waiting for metallica

2 – No Craft Beer

The beer in the Lolla Lounge was limited to mainstream Budweiser Products.

Even though Bud acquired the Chicago-based beer company Goose Island a few years ago, the selection of craft beer at Lollapalooza is still seriously limited.

As great as the premium cocktails were, I would have liked to also have access to Goose Island’s Bourbon County or Fulton & Wood series of beer.

goose island beer lollapalooza

3 – No Wine Sports Bottle

In the Lolla Lounge, you were free to drink as many glasses of wine as you desired, but you didn’t have the option to pay for an entire bottle of wine and get it in a souvenir Lolla sports bottle.

Luckily for me, I traded some Lolla Lounge stuff for a wine bottle with a friend. My Robert Mondavi Winery Lollapalooza bottle is now my official hiking bottle.

lollapalooza wine bottle sports bottle

4 – The benefits only apply to the Main Stages

Each of the two Lolla Lounges is near to a main stage. There’s an amazing view of two stages, and a pretty good view of two other stages.

For the other four stages, being in the Lolla Lounge doesn’t help you at all.

You don’t get a great view, and even worse; the golf-cart shuttle runs along the length of the park, but it doesn’t stop anywhere on the way.

That means that you have to walk to the stages that aren’t main stages.

g eazy lollapalooza

5 – You Miss out on the Chow Town Food

Lollapalooza’s Chow Town features some of Chicago’s top restaurants offering quality reasonably priced fare.

All of the food looks amazing and there are more options than the limited food in the Lolla Lounge.

Everyone raves about the Graham Elliot Lobster corn dog, I would have loved to have one but since there’s free food at the Lolla Lounge, I didn’t see any point in spending money on grub.

music festival philly cheese steak

Would I buy another Lollapalooza VIP Ticket?

I can’t say for sure, but most likely the answer would be yes. As I said in my other Lolla VIP article; “Sure, when I look back I think about another camera lens or plane ticket that I could have bought, but at the same time I still think that a Lollapalooza VIP ticket is definitely worth it.”

I would also buy VIP tickets to other Music Festivals if I think that it seems worth the money.

VIP at Hangout Music Fest looks amazing!

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