The Bubble Beach Spa in Soufriere Bay lets you enjoy a beach and a spa at the same time for the perfect post-hike relaxation.

Dominica is renowned for many things; amazing hikes, therapeutic hot springs and crystal clear beaches; but there’s only one spot on the island where you could experience the islands naturally heated water and gently crashing waves at the same time.

Bubble Beach Spa in Dominica is a small area in Soufriere Bay where the geothermic activity of the island causes the water near the shore to be warm, and even pleasantly hot in some spots.

Bubble Beach Spa,Soufriere, Dominica

The beach has been blocked off with stones to trap as much of the warm water as possible. Even on a rainy day (like the day that the below picture was taken), the beach provides enough warmth.

View of Soufriere Bay from the Ocean

The small bubbles of gas escaping from beneath the hot stones lend to the “Bubble Beach” name. Similar bubbles can be seen when snorkeling at the more popular Champagne Beach, although the water at Champagne isn’t warm.

The stones nearest to the shore are piping hot and the small waves lapping on them are just as hot.
The water gets cooler as the Bubble Beach gets deeper, so you could find a spot with the perfect temperature for you and relax there.

Unlike the over-priced, touristy hot springs like Screw’s Spa and Tia’s Spa at Wotten Waven; the Bubble Beach Spa is free to the public although a small donation would be appreciated since the beach is maintained by a local who’s also more than willing to keep an eye on your bag while you relax in the warm water.

Caribbean Rum Punch at Bubble Beach, Dominica

You could make a small donation and still buy two cups of homemade rum punch (the coconut and the passion fruit are my favorites but still try all!), and you would have still spent less money than if you visited Screw’s Sulphur Spa.

View of Scott's Head on the most Southern point in Dominica from Soufriere Bay

And you definitely will not get this splendid view of Scotts Head at twilight if you pay to go to one of the hot springs at Wotten Waven!

Other than amazing views like that as the sun sets on Dominica, the Bubble Beach Spa really stands out because of the pleasant and subtle changes in temperature that’s caused by the gentle motion of the waves.

The Bubble Beach Spa and the hot spas at Wotten Waven are not the only place in Dominica where you could bask in therapeutic warm water.

Along with the Bubble Beach Spa, there are two more places where you can experience Dominica’s Hot Springs for free.