How to Find the Best Pizza In New York City


New York City is famous for many things, and one of them is the giant, thin slices of pizza that have become a staple of The City, and anyone visiting the Big Apple always wants to find the best New York style Pizza.

What exactly is New York-style Pizza? The experts agree that it is a large, thin pizza with a slightly crispy dough that’s still pliable enough to fold in half while eating.

Beyond Mozzarella cheese and a homemade tomato sauce that often dates to the earliest Italian immigration to the United States, not much else is allowed. Ricotta cheese or Pepperoni are popular toppings, but too many toppings pushes this pie into the realm of generic “American Pizza”, still delicious just not authentic.

If you want to avoid eating generic pizza that could be found anywhere else in the world and would rather feat on authentic New York-style Pizza, then you need to follow these tips on How to Find the Best Pizza In New York City.


Everywhere in Manhattan, there’s a sign declaring that a Pizza place makes the “world’s best pizza” or at least New York City’s Best Pizza

Sometimes pizza places on the same block claim to both have the best pizza in the city. One of them has to be lying right? More than likely they’re both lying.

The pizza that they sell is probably pretty decent, but the best pizza in New York City does not need to advertise itself. Locals already know the amazing pizza spots and word of mouth is the only promotion that they need. They’re perfectly happy not catering towards tourists.

Don’t follow the signs because they would lead you straight to a tourist trap.


Almost every magazine has published the definitive “Best Pizza in New York City List”, these lists are a great place to start doing research if you plan on visiting New York City but you still need to be wary of them.

The problem with these lists are that some of the places mentioned drop in quality over the years or change their recipes to deal with the massive influx of new customers who have read about them on a food blog.

Lists also try to include every borough in New York City. Someone compiling a list might decide to list three pizzerias from each borough. That means that the fourth best pizzeria from Brooklyn or Manhattan just won’t make the cut.

Being featured on a list is definitely a big thing and it says a lot about the quality of the pizza served, but it does not necessarily mean that it’s the best pizza in New York City.


While you’re exploring New York City just stop a friendly looking resident and ask; “Hey, I’m looking for great pizza, Where do you usually buy a slice?”

In the trendy neighborhoods in boroughs like Queens and Brooklyn almost everyone will be familiar with the local pizza spots and their daily specials.

In Manhattan, everyone is familiar with the best pizza places near their office. Some of these spots are just off the beaten path and you would have never found it if you didn’t ask a local.


When you don’t get the best service don’t be offended, simply understand that you have left the typical tourist path and ventured into sacred, hallowed halls pizza where only locals eat. You are truly experiencing some of the best pizza that New York City has to offer.

Expect the staff to be straight to the point or even slightly rude. This is by no means always the case, but it is an indicator of awesome pizza in New York City. Also, don’t expect much seating, rent in New York City is extremely high so seating for customers is expensive. Most people simply eat their slice while they’re on the move.

So now you know how to find the best pizza in New York City! Congratulations!

Keep in mind that everyone’s idea of the best pizza in New York City would be subjective.
Also, don’t just stick to one pizza place, approach everyday in New York City as a quest for great pizza and use these tips. You will never be disappointed!

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