How to Choose the Perfect Travel Shoes

how to choose the perfect travel shoes

Travel is always rewarding. It revitalizes the mind and refreshes the soul, but it definitely takes a toll on your feet.

From athlete’s foot to blisters, there’s so much that can go wrong if you don’t have the ideal shoes for traveling.
The key to enjoying travel, avoiding needless inconveniences, and having successful trips is to always choose the perfect travel shoes.

You don’t want to have to turn down an impromptu hike or not be able to attend a party with a semi-formal dress code because you didn’t pack the perfect travel sneakers.

The perfect travel sneakers could be worn almost all day to almost any event.

Follow these rule when you’re shopping for sneakers to make sure that you buy the perfect travel shoes.

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Color is the characteristic that stands out the most in any pair of shoes, and shoes are one of the first things noticed in an outfit.

When choosing travel shoes, it’s important to go with subdued colors; Pick something that stands out stylishly while not attracting too much attention.

Dark colors work well and match with almost anything so stick with darker hues like black, forest green, and navy blue.

Wearing neon green track shoes while exploring a new city makes you look like a tourist, and colors that are trendy are often over-priced and ridiculous looking after the trend has died down.

Dark colors also hide stains really well so you could go for months on the road without keeping them clean.

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Travel involves a lot of walking, from exploring urban landscapes, trekking though the wilderness, or even just having to walk the entire length of an airport to catch a connecting flight.

The feeling of walking in comfort is always welcome, especially when you’ve been in transit for the entire day and you just need to be on your feet for a few more hours before you finally get to your hotel.

Every major sneaker company has their signature cushioning system that they use for their most comfortable, stable sneakers.

Look for Lunarlon from Nike or Converse, Fresh Foam from New Balance, or PureBoost from Adidas.

Shoes with neutral cushioning also works well, just stay away from “neutral” barefoot style shoes because they offer almost no long term comfort.

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Traction is important with any pair of shoes simply because nobody wants to ever slip and fall.

For travel sneakers, traction is especially important since the grippier your shoes are, the more versatile your travel plans could be.

Look for shoes with deep grooves in the grips and a flat sole that will provide lots of contact with the ground.

The perfect travel shoes need to be versatile and able to handle any surface, ideal for a short hike on a dusty trail or taking a quick jump from a boat to a wet jetty.

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Some sneakers have such iconic designs that even decades after they were released they still remain top-sellers and style icons.

Incidentally, their success in fashion is often equaled in functionality as an athletic sneaker. The Adidas Superstar and the Converse All Star both dominated the basketball court before they dominated pop-culture.

The Nike Roshe series of sneakers take inspiration from classic running trainers and and don’t look much different from the garage-made sneakers that Nike founder Bill Bowerman made for Steve Prefontaine in the 70s.

The trendiest kicks of the year might be cool for one summer, but go for a timeless pair of travel sneakers if you want to look cool back at pictures of yourself and be the perfect example of “old school cool”.

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It’s be easy to find shoes for travel that meet all four criteria that we mentioned for the perfect travel shoe.

Finding a pair that’s all of these things and is still easy to fold and stuff into a packed suitcase is the deal breaker.

Thanks to stronger and lighter materials and the technology behind running sneakers being used on mainstream sneakers, it’s easier now to find sturdy shoes that are still easy to squeeze into a suitcase.

choosing the perfect travel shoes

Look for these characteristics when buying travel shoes and you’ll enjoy long, comfortable travel in style.

My favorite travel shoes are the Nike Roshe Run.
Check out my article on why theu’re the perfect travel shoes.

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