Maracas Beach is definitely the most popular spot for swimming on the island of Trinidad. Just ask any local about the top beaches in Trinidad and they will always mention Maracas Bay.

Every weekend, busloads of locals and tourists make the journey to this popular spot to enjoy swimming in the cold, blue water, leaping over gentle waves, and relaxing under swaying coconut trees while sipping on cold beers.

The beach is a spacious, curving expanse of coastline that’s protected by a deep bay.

Aerial picture of Maracas Beach, Trinidad and Tobago

Maracas Beach does not have the powdery white sand and perfectly blue water like the beaches in Saint Lucia or Barbados.

What puts this tourist attraction on the map is “Bake and Shark”, a tasty sandwich combining deep fried fillets of fresh shark meat and spicy local sauces.

A trip to Maracas Beach or any of the other North Coast Beaches is always accompanied by a bake and shark from one of the many stalls that line the parking lot at Maracas.

There are many different options to get to Maracas depending on whether you’re coming from the East or West of Trinidad, but all roads converge on the winding and scenic North Coast Road.

Before Maracas Beach is the “Maracas Lookout”, a clifftop look out spot that offers views of S’aut Deau Island to the West and Maracas Bay to the East on a clear day.

View from the Maracas Look Out in Trinidad

Expansive views of the Caribbean Sea are possible on all but the cloudiest of days.
The Maracas Lookout is also home to stalls selling crafts and local snacks like preserved and pickled fruits and hand-made confections like coconut fudge, and sugar cake.

Locally-made snacks at the Maracas Look Out Point

As you continue cruising along the North Coast Road, Maracas Beach is the first of many beaches that you approach. At curves and rises in the road, you often catch quick glimpses of the ocean.

Smelling the salty air and hearing the roar of the surf is always rejuvenating after a long drive on a winding road.

It’s finally time for a swim in the cool water, a cold drink, and a hot Bake and Shark!

Blue skies and beachfront at Maracas Beach

Bake and Shark was featured on the Trinidad episode of the travel show Bizarre Foods. The show’s host Andrew Zimmern said it was the best sandwich he ever had.

Bake and Shark with Shadon Beni and Garlic Sauce at Maracas Beach

It certainly can be considered to be among the best sandwiches in the world. The well-seasoned shark meat is fried to a golden perfection on the outside while the meat inside remains tender.

The fried bake is also crispy and golden with a fluffy interior that has a hint of donut sweetness to it.

It’s the zesty local sauces that really make the Bake and Shark stand out.

Bake and Shark with cucumbers and hot sauce at Maracas Beach

Eat it like Zimmern did in Bizarre Foods, skip the ketchup and mustard and go for the more exotic sauce options.

There’s garlic sauce; a slightly less thick mayonnaise infused with a sharp garlic flavor,
tamarind sauce; a sweet and tangy chutney that’s somewhere between barbeque and general tso sauce,

chadon beni; a pesto like sauce make with the pureed leaves of the culantro plant,

hot sauce that’s made with blended peppers and lime juice and then allowed to mature to reach its peak heat,

and creamy salad dressing to go with the lettuce, cucumber slices, and sliced tomatoes that you could garnish your bake and shark with.

Eating  Bake and Shark at Maracas Bay on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad

While Maracas Beach is definitely a great beach to spend a day, and Bake and Shark is one of the most delicious sandwiches, always remember that there’s more North Coast to explore beyond Maracas!

Get back in the car and continue along the North Coast Road, explore Blanchisseuse beach, Tyrico Bay, Avocat Waterfall, or if you’re adventurous make the scenic trek to Paria Beach.

Hiking to Paria Beach, Trinidad and Tobago